How To Open Rar Files


How To Open Rar Files

To open rar files, you can use one of the many free programs available for download on the Internet. The most popular free program that people use for Windows OS is 7Zip. I use it too and highly recommend it. It’s a free and simple alternative of WinRar and WinZip. In order to open a rar file, all you need to do is download 7-Zip, install it, run it, and then right click on the rar file that you want to open and choose “7-Zip” > Open Archive.

There are other options in the 7-Zip menu that you can come in handy for rar and zip files. In the 7-Zip menu, you will see the following options: Extract files…, Extract here, Extract to “your-folder-name\”, Test archive, Add to archive, Compress and email…, Add to “your-folder-name.7z”, Compress to “your-folder-name.7z” and email, Add to “”, and Compress to “” and email.

Of course, 7-zip is just one of the many free programs available online. I discussed it in such detail because it is the most popular program today and because I use it personally. Other programs include: tugzip, izarc and zipgenius.

For Macs, 7-Zip also has a few programs available as well – p7zip for Mac, EZ 7z for Mac, 7zX for Mac, and keka – the free Mac OS file archiver. Other 3rd-party applications for opening rar files on Macs include: The Unarchiver, RAR Expander for Mac, and UnRarX.

Some issues you may face while trying to open a rar file: the file may be corrupt and the file may be password-protected. Corrupt files are rare, and you may still be able to open such a file with special programs available online. If the file is password protected, you need to know the password in order to open that rar file.

The “How to open rar files” question is commonly asked on the Internet. The fact is that many computers don’t have the required software pre-installed by default, and so opening such files may become an intimidating task for some users. Thankfully, it’s not hard at all. All you need to do is download, install and run a proper software that is capable of extracting the contents of rar archives to your hard drive. Once done, you will be able to open and access large, compressed rar and zip files anytime you need to.